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About Us

We are dreamers. It couldn't be any other way if we wanted to achieve what we had in mind. In 2013 we were five young migrants, with the crazy idea of creating value in an industry that, it seemed, had already solved everything, had already created everything.

But we dared to ask ourselves if it could be done differently and better. The answer was yes! All the founders at the time of creating Captiva Containers were under 30 years old and that has always driven us to be disruptors. We want to tell you how we are doing it.

We are a company that specializes in high-quality, custom packaging. We have a very clear purpose, which moves us every day: to manufacture solutions that captivate the essence to fulfill dreams. We understood that there are entrepreneurs and companies, with their own brands, dreamers like us, who want to be heard, understood, and considered to obtain the solutions they need.

We take care of doing the difficult work: customization of bottle designs, printing and labeling, storage, eco-friendly options and flexibility to give space in our production lines to those who need 300 bottles, without leaving aside those who order thousands and with the capacity to welcome those in need of millions. We make millions of bottles a month.

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