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We believe plastics can be part of a sustainable future

So we are driving change improving how plastics are made, used, and recycled.

At Captiva, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices to improve our processes and manufacturing methods. One of our key policies is to minimize scrap in our production process while ensuring the efficient recycling of any resulting waste. We optimize our manufacturing by implementing consistent and validated processes for all jobs, which enables us to predict and properly reuse and recycle any waste generated during production.

We firmly believe that a robust manufacturing process is key to minimizing waste in production and promoting an efficient and sustainable manufacturing system. In addition to improving our manufacturing process, we also offer two sustainable packaging solutions to help address the plastic challenge. Our Eco Clear solution enhances biodegradation and serves as a responsible end-of-life solution, while our rPET solution promotes a circular economy of plastic, harnessing the infinite recyclability possibilities of PET.

We recognize that the journey towards a sustainable future is a collective effort, and we are dedicated to playing our part in making it a reality.

Plastics Have Been In The News A Lot Lately.

But Not All Plastics Are The Same.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and containers are renowned for their safety, durability, and versatility. These lightweight, resealable, and shatter-resistant containers are highly sought after, and many PET bottles and containers are fully recyclable.

In fact, Americans collect over 1.6 billion pounds of PET every year, making it the most widely recovered plastic in the world. The popularity of PET bottles and containers underscores their superior performance and highlights the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.