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Sustainable Packaging

We believe plastics can be part of a sustainable future

So we are driving change improving how plastics are made, used, and recycled.

At Captiva we do our part to improve our processes and how our products are made. One of our sustainable policies is to reduce as much scrap in our production process as possible, in addition to recycling scrap. We optimize our manufacturing by taking the right measures. We ensure that all jobs have a consistent and validated process. Therefore, if there is any waste in the process, it is predictable and can be properly reused and recycled. We believe a strong manufacturing process will significantly minimize waste in the production process and will lead to an efficient and sustainable manufacturing system.

Solving the plastic challenge is a journey we are all on together. Which is why additionally to improving our manufacturing process we offer two sustainable packaging solutions. Eco Clear to enhance the biodegradation as a responsible end of life solution and rPET for the circular economy of plastic, as PET offers infinite possibilities of recyclability.

Plastics Have Been
In The News A Lot Lately.

But Not All Plastics Are The Same.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and containers are safe, lightweight, resealable and shatter resistant. Best of all, many PET bottles and containers are fully recyclable. Americans collect over 1.6 billion pounds of PET every year, helping to make it the world’s most widely recovered plastic.

Eco Clear Additive

PET is infinitely recyclable and can be transformed into thousands of useful products

But despite the drive for a circular economy the reality is that most plastic waste in the US (est. +90%) ends up in modern landfills. Captiva has the most responsible solution: Eco Clear Additive. Eco Clear additive has been rigorously tested to ASTM standards to biodegrade in landfill environments, it has been tested to decompose PET plastic thirty times (30x) faster than the same material without the additive, integrating seamlessly with today’s disposal infrastructure to convert into methane gas that is harvested in landfills. This is a net positive for clean energy production and an important advance in responsible waste management.


We can help make this a reality giving recycled PET an added value without compromising recyclability.

Improve your carbon footprint, reduce your fossil fuel consumption and support advancing us towards a circular economy where all plastic can be collected, reprocessed and reused. The circular economy is the ultimate vision for long term sustainability: with rPET we can help make this a reality, giving recycled PET an added value without compromising recyclability. Add rPET into your product mix to be at the cutting edge of plastics ecological responsibility. Did you know that every 10 million bottles produced with 50% rPET content has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 230 tons of CO2 (about the same amount sequestered by 270 acres of US forests in a year)?

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