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High Pressure Processing (HPP)

The global market for HPP-treated juices and beverages is expanding rapidly, this FDA-approved, non-thermal treatment options that effectively reduce harmful bacteria and extend product shelf life. This solution is particularly suitable for unpasteurized juices.

Captiva provides a comprehensive range of HPP-compliant packaging options, with low minimums to suit your unique requirements. Drawing on our extensive experience in the HPP industry, we are well-equipped to develop customized packaging solutions optimized for this process.

We understand the importance of delivering a reliable and effective HPP product line to our clients, and we are committed to providing exceptional quality packaging solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Bottles that undergo High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Bottles that undergo High-Pressure Processing (HPP) require specialized design and performance characteristics to ensure optimal results. During HPP, bottles are submerged in water and subjected to extreme hydrostatic pressure of up to 87,000 psi. This process applies pressure uniformly to every area, ensuring the product inside remains unchanged.

Captiva offers a range of high-performance HPP bottles designed to withstand the stress and rigors of HPP methods. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist in exploring your bottling needs and provide expert advice on the extensive variety of HPP compliant juice bottles we have in stock.

We recognize the importance of ensuring that our clients receive high-quality packaging solutions that meet the demands of HPP methods. Our HPP bottles are carefully designed and manufactured to deliver superior performance, enabling our clients to achieve optimal results and extend product shelf life. To learn more about our HPP bottles and other packaging solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our bottles know how to perform under pressure

Advanced Neck Finish

After years of rigorous testing, our team of engineers has identified the optimal neck finish design features, including a double seal, to prevent spillage during the HPP process.

Double Seal Closures

For maximum product safety, we employ a double seal (DS 1.5) cap on most of our HPP-compliant bottles. This specialized closure is designed to maintain product integrity, delivering a secure seal and tamper-evidence. The DS 1.5 cap features a triple-seal plug, two lead threads, and a "J" style band tamper-evident safety band to enhance security and protect against tampering.


Captiva provides a comprehensive range of HPP-compliant bottles in various sizes and shapes, ranging from 2oz to 59oz. As a leading provider in the industry, we are dedicated to continually expanding our stock HPP offerings to meet the growing needs of this emerging technology.