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High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Juices and beverages are one of the fastest growing HPP markets in the world. This FDA approved, non-thermal method of treating beverages reduces harmful bacteria and extends your product’s shelf life – ideal for unpasteurized juices.

Captiva offers a full range of HPP compliant packaging with low minimums. With our HPP experience we can also develop your custom packaging optimized for this process.

Bottles that undergo High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Bottles that undergo High Pressure Processing (HPP) require special design and performance characteristics. Bottles are placed into a high-pressure chamber and submerged in water. The bottles are treated with extreme hydrostatic pressure (87,000 psi).

Pressure is applied to every area at the same rate so the juice bottles and the product inside remain unchanged. Our high performance HPP bottles are designed to be capable of withstanding the stress and rigors of high-pressure processing methods. Explore your bottling needs with our knowledgeable staff to learn about the large variety of HPP compliant juice bottles we have in stock.

Our bottles know how to perform under pressure

Advanced Neck Finish

Our engineers through years of rigorous testing have identified optimal neck finish design features (double seal), to help prevent spillage during the HPP process.

Double Seal Closures

To fully safeguard your product, most of our HPP-compliant bottles use a double seal (DS 1.5) cap. This closure ensures product integrity, provides a secure seal and tamper evidence. The DS 1.5 cap has a triple seal plug, two lead thread and "J" style band tamper evident safety band for improved security.


Captiva offers a broad range of stock HPP-compliant size and shape bottles. Ranging from 2oz, to 59oz. We are committed to continue expanding our stock HPP offerings to service this emerging technology.

Our HPP Compliant Bottles

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